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The disinfection solution that is light years ahead!


At JB Systems, we manufacture water filtration and purification solutions for industrial and consumer use. With a broad range of high quality granular bed filters and screen filters, we can provide various water treatment methods, to obtain optimum water quality as required by local authority regulations. Find name brand products like Ametek Plymouth, Harmsco, AES, Aquionics, Clearstream Filters Inc., Amiad and Everfilt.

Powered by the natural anti-microbial, disinfecting power of ultra-violet light.

AQUIONICS is based on Ultraviolet light – the natural, environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical disinfection. Ultraviolet energy is also very effective when used to break down many chemical species, eliminating them as contaminants in water.  Many common chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous to handle, remain in the environment for long periods, can form dangerous reaction by-products that alter the original products and processes in which they are used. 

Aquionics delivers:

  • The most economical systems for medium and large flow rates with the smallest footprint and easiest maintenance
  • Broad spectrum UV output, providing complete disinfection and effective chemical destruction
  • The only technology with the ability to address extremes –such as cold or hot water, poor water quality, or challenging control applications
  • The most advanced monitoring and controls for accurate fluence measurement, power control and procell integrity\
  • The most advanced application knowledge to solve any of your specialized needs

The Photon System from Aquionics UV is a revolutionary microprocessor-driven control module that features:

  • Full traceabilityData Logging
  • A menu-driven man-machine interface
  • Displays of performance parameters


Aqua Culture – Hatchery and grow-out tanks can protect and reuse water that incorporates UV disinfection for pathogen control. High-Intensity lamps can provide a high germicidal dose with a minimum of lamps in a very compact space. Headloss is extremely minimal at full flow. The systems can be fully automated; self-cleaning and self-monitoring reduces the need for maintenance.

Beverage Industry – Disinfection systems eliminate microorganisms without adding chemicals or heat. Medium-pressure UV inactivates mold spores, preventing contaminants introduced by the liners of closures. AQUIONICS also offers UV systems for the disinfection of sugar syrup –preventing contaminated during production and storage that causes food discoloration, off flavors and reduced shelf life.

Electronics – Ultraviolet technology assures an ultrapure water system for disinfection and organics removal. AQUIONICS medium pressure UV systems reduce the number of conventional lamps by up to 95% while reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50% or more in high treatment schemes. 

Drinking Water – Over 99% of the Cryptosporidum oocyst will be inactivated with the use of AQUIONICS high intensity UV chambers.

Food Processing – UV provides non-chemical microbial control for captive water loops without altering the taste, color or odor of the food. Environmentally friendly UV disinfection is one of the few water treatment methods unburdened by regulatory restrictions, consumer/environmental group concerns or high operation costs.

Pharmaceutical – Increasingly stringent water standards for manufacturing processes encourage non-chemical water treatment. Aside from disinfection, UV is used to remove residual ozone to protect downstream equipment. UV can replace chemical dechlorination or activated carbon filter removal steps upstream of the RO equipment.

Swimming Pools – High-output UV will naturally, and continuously remove combined chlorine, or chloramines. It will also provide superior disinfection, destroying over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Cryptosporidium, before the water is returned to the pool. 

Wastewater Treatment –Faced with revised permits that regulate chlorine discharge, municipalities are opting for UV disinfection to avoid costly dechlorination systems and to eliminate the use of hazardous chlorine altogether.

Discover a smarter alternative!

Ask how AQUIONICS can be an earth-friendly, cost-saving alternative for your application. 

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