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Specializing in consulting, design engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of process vacuum products.

Vacuum Pump Experts

Our trained staff has experience across a variety of pump solutions for a variety of industries. We can support all your vacuum pump needs including transformer drying, vacuum furnaces, vapor coating, vacuum packaging, mixing equipment, piston pump systems, and booster systems.

Some features of the various pumps we support include:

  • Dry Running Pumps can handle both condensable vapors and solids without leaving residue in the pumping chamber.
  • The Welch High Vacuum Direct Drive Vane Pumps provide quiet, cool running oil-less operation and is ideal for OEM applications.
  • Liquid Separator and Knockout Pots produced by Solberg are primarily used in air process systems where liquids such as water or solvents need to be separated before the air reaches the air pump. They can be used in most applications where liquid separation is needed, such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals and chemical processes.
  • Leak Detectors such as the Heliot Helium Leak Detector provides speed, portability, accuracy, and versatility. It penetrates the smallest leaks and is dependable.
  • Liquid Ring pumps are sealed with liquid and are ideal for pumping wet gas mixtures as well as slugs of liquid. Ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical processes.
  • Rotary Vane Pumps manufactured by Rietschle Industrial Vacuum Systems are designed for use in intermittent and continuous duty applications involving air, inert gases, and non-aggressive vapors.
  • Transformer Drying and Food Processing utilize booster systems which enable them to have a higher capacity while pumping at lower pressures.
  • Vacuum Furnace can utilize Single Stage Rotary Piston Pumps which are quiet, vibration-free pumps with high pumping speed at both high and low pressures.
  • Vacuum Pumping Solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications can be addressed with ULVAC products.

We specialize in:

  • rotary piston
  • liquid ring
  • vacuum pumps
  • rotary vane
  • high vacuum
  • rotary vane
  • transformer drying
  • vacuum furnaces
  • vacuum pump parts
  • food processing
  • dry running pumps
  • vacuum pump repair
  • turbo pump
  • piston pump systems
  • vacuum pump parts
  • vacuum pump repair
  • leak detectors
  • vacuum pump system

We carry the following Vacuum Pump Products:

  • Heliot
  • HullVac
  • Elmo Rietschle
  • Solberg
  • V-tec
  • Welch

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