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Air Filtration

We are your total filtration source for compressed air filtration, Hepa filters, panel filters, roll media and more.

Proper filtration is critical in today's business environment

Concern over airborne contaminants like dust, smoke, fumes, and mist is increasingly important to plant and facilities managers. This has prompted leading air filter suppliers to develop higher quality air filtration mist collectors, cartridges and media for manufacturing and fabrication plants. Left unchecked these airborne contaminants can damage equipment and cause health concerns for employees. Matching your filtration needs to the proper equipment is critical to maintaining your productivity, controlling maintenance costs and keeping employees safe.

Check out our extensive product suppliers:

  • Air / Oil Separation Vacuum Pump Separator - Solberg
  • Air and Gas Intake Filters / Silencers - Endustra, Solberg
  • Compact Oil Mist Exhaust Filters - Solberg
  • Compact Blower Base Frame - Solberg
  • Compressed Air Filtration - Beach, Solberg
  • CrankCase Breathers - Solberg
  • Dust Collectors - Scientific
  • Dust Collectors vs. Generic - Scientific
  • Elements - Solberg
  • Extreme Duty Air Filtration - Solberg
  • Foreline Traps - Solberg
  • Hepa Filters, Panel Filters, Roll Media, Aercology, Endustra, FSP, Koch
  • Integrated Blower Assisted Exhaust Filter - Solberg
  • Standard Replacement Parts / Accessories - Solberg
  • Disposable Breathers - Beach, Endustra
  • Ultraviolet Eradication Systems - Aquionics

Need a Replacement Air Filter?

JB Systems is always ready to deliver. With the most extensive inventory in the area - stocking hundreds of brand, you can be certain that JB Systems has your air filtration needs covered from A to Z.



Looking for specific filtration, separation, or recovery solutions? We are always ready to deliver. Let's talk!

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