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We have the water filter systems and products you need to meet your water filtration needs.

 Water Filtration Experts

At JB Systems, we manufacture water filtration and purification solutions for industrial and consumer use. With a broad range of high quality granular bed filters and screen filters, we can provide various water treatment methods, to obtain optimum water quality as required by local authority regulations. 

Find name brand products like Ametek Plymouth, Harmsco, Aquionics, Clearstream Filters Inc., Amiad and Everfilt.

Check out some of the water filtration products we carry:

  • Back Flushable Systems - Amiad, Everfilt, Tekleen 
  • Cartridge Filters - Ametek / Plymouth, Harmsco
  • Chemical Filtration Systems - Ametek / Plymouth
  • Drinking Water Filters - Ametek / Plymouth
  • Filter Housings - Ametek / Plymouth, Harmsco
  • Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis - Trisep, SpiraSep, TS80, X-20, TurboClean, Spectrum, Chemical
  • Reverse Osmosis Under Sink - Ametek / Plymouth
  • Sand Filters - Everfilt
  • Strainers - Amiad, Everfilt
  • UV Light Systems - Aquionics 
  • Systems- Amiad, Clearstream Filters Inc

Need a Replacement Water Filter?


JB Systems is always ready to deliver. With the most extensive inventory in the area - stocking hundreds of brand, you can be certain that JB Systems has your water filtration needs covered from A to Z.



Looking for specific filtration, separation or recovery solutions? We are always ready to deliver. 

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