Our custom oil filtration and separation systems are designed to meet your specifications.

JB Systems has the experience to meet all your heat, flow, and monitoring requirements.

JB Systems carries a full line of products for oil recovery and cleanup, absorbent spill control, liquid/oil/water separators, vacuum dehydration equipment and transformer oil and gas filtration. 

Whether your filtration needs include turbine oils, paper machine oils, quench oils, lubrication fluids and process filtration – we're here to help you maintain you current solution or build/retrofit a more efficient solution.

Oil and Fuel Filtration Products:

  • Absorbent Spill Control Products - AMI
  • Aviation Filtration - Parker / Velcon, Gammon
  • Centrifuge - Alfa Laval
  • Fuel Filtration - Parker / Velcon, Gammon
  • Liquid/Oil/Water Separators - Alfa Laval Centrifuge, Enquip, Parker / Velcon
  • Metal Filtration - Mott
  • Hot Water Heaters and Washers - Sioux
  • Oil Purification Systems - Alfa Laval Centrifuge, Crucial, Parker / Velcon, Hilco, JB Systems Manufactured Products
  • Oil Recovery and Clean-up - Crucial
  • Porous Media - Mott
  • Pumps - Haight, Retrofit Filters for Kaydon® and Filterdyne®
  • Spill Response Kits- AMI
  • Steam Cleaners - Sioux
  • Vacuum Dehydration Equipment -JB Systems Manufactured Products
  • Vessels - High pressure gas filters
  • Transformer Oil and Gas Filtration - Parker / Velcon

Need a Replacement Filter?


JB Systems is always ready to deliver. With the most extensive inventory in the area - stocking hundreds of brand, you can be certain that JB Systems has your filtration needs covered from A to Z. 


Looking for specific filtration, separation or recovery solutions? We are always ready to deliver.