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Expert Liquid Filtration Solutions

JB Systems offers an extensive line of liquid filtration products and a team of expert technicians to help analyze your challenges and identify the best solution for your application – whether your needs include filtration vessels, housings and fluid transfer systems or more - we have what you need.


Check out our extensive line of liquid filtration products by all the top brands:

  • Aviation Filtration -Parker / Velcon®
  • Back Flushable Systems - MOTT, Everfilt, Tekleen
  • Bag Housings Bag Filters - Knight, Ronningen-Petter / Eaton, Global, Ametek
  • Cartridge Filter Housings - Ametek, Parker / Velcon®, Global, Harmsco, Eden, Harmsco Hurricane
  • Cartridge Filters - Osmonics / Suev, HYTREX, United, Eden, Harmsco, Parker / Velcon®, Flow Ezy, AES, Chemflo, Filtrox, Purtrex, Purolator
  • Cartridges - Purolator
  • Coolant Recovery - Clearstream Filters Inc., Porter 
  • Fuel Filtration - Parker / Velcon®, CFI
  • High Pressure, High Temperature,Metal and Hydraulic Filtration -Purolator
  • Hot Water Heaters and Washers - Sioux 
  • Household and Industrial Water Filtration - Pentair
  • Integrated Liquid Separator / vacuum filter - Solberg
  • Non-Metalic Vessels - EFCT and EFCS Housing Series, EFCF and EFC Housing Series, EFB and EFCV Housing Series
  • Osmonics Filtration Spectrum - Osmonics / Suev
  • Oil Filtration -Parker / Velcon®, JB Systems Manufactured Products 
  • Plating Bath Filtration - Flo King
  • Process Filtraton - MOTT, Filtrox, Purolator, Osmonics / Suev
  • Pumps - Haight
  • Reusable / Disposable Media - Ronningen-Petter / Eaton
  • Sand Filters - Everfilt
  • Steam Cleaners - Sioux 
  • Strainers - ACME, Everfilt, Global, Flow Ezy
  • Systems -Porter, Clearstream Filters Inc.
  • Vessels -Chemflo, Eden
  • Water Filtration - Industrial, systems, vessels, filters and more. 

Need a Replacement Filter?

JB Systems is always ready to deliver. With the most extensive inventory in the area - stocking hundreds of brand, you can be certain that JB Systems has your filtration needs covered from A to Z.



Looking for specific filtration, separation, or recovery solutions? We are always ready to deliver.