When a one-size-fits-all filtration, fluid recovery or vacuum pump solution won't work, work with us! We specialize in custom solutions.

Expect high-quality products and custom-engineered filtration and fluid recovery solutions.

At JB Systems, you can rely on our years of industry experience and technical expertise to help solve your most complex filtration, fluid recovery and vacuum pump challenges. In addition, we carry the most extensive inventory of fluid filtration, recovery and vacuum pumps in the area - allowing us to help you make an informed decision.


We're your complete source for water, air, gas, oil and fuel, and wastewater filtration products and solutions. With our extensive product offering, we can supply you what you need.

Fluid Recovery

With a full range of products and services, we can help lower your carbon footprint and reduce your waste.

Vacuum Pumps

Discover a comprehensive offering of industrial vacuum pump services- from pump selection to maintenance and repair. Our knowledgeable team will help you size your pump and provide recommendations for protecting your pump to help keep your operations going.


Looking for specific filtration, separation or fluid recovery solutions? We are always ready to deliver. Let's talk!