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Water and Industry

For many years now, the word in the filtration industry has been that water usage relative to manufacturing would be a major concern in the future. With recent and prolonged droughts in the Southeast, increasing costs from municipalities for raw water and more stringent limitations and costs for discharge water; we believe the future is now. Technological advances and new products in filtration combined with the issues mentioned above have served to provide treatment options for applications that previously had no economic payback.

Manufacturers have also shared that relationships with municipal inspectors improve when it is perceived they are taking proactive rather than reactive approach to water use reduction. If you have a water use application please take a few moments to look at just a few of the options we now have for water filtration, and do not hesitate to call your local JBS representative or our main office to discuss your needs.

Oil and Water
Oil and water don't mix ...or so we have heard. It is too bad this is not actually the case. We regularly have applications where customers want to remove oil from water or water from oil. We have several options available for both applications. Water in lubricating oil can reduce equipment life or with the fire resistant oils create acids that can damage the whole system. We have the field covered on this one, from water absorbent and adsorbent cartridges to vacuum dehydrators that will dry oil down to 50 parts per million or lower. Oil in water applications
are generally represented by large volumes of water contaminated with much smaller volumes of oil. In many cases a multi-step approach works best. We have oil skimmer equipment for holding ponds and large or small holding tanks. We also have gravity operated oil and water separators that will often separate adequately for discharge depending on the type of oil and local regulations. For finer separation we have membrane systems with both ceramic and polymer based membrane filters. In cases of more complex mixtures we can provide complete skid systems with flocculation or dissolved air flotation systems to achieve desired levels of oil removal.

Featured Product: Miller Leahman's Turbo Disc

Miller Leaman's latest product offering sets a new standard in backflushable filter systems. Utilizing a stack of injection-molded polypropylene disc media, the Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is exceptionally durable and engineered for longevity. Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter Systems are designed with a modular approach, where multiple filter housings (pods) are manifolded together with stainless steel inlet/outlet making any flow rate achievable. The tangential flow keeps larger solids suspended in the housing never touching the media and extending time between backflushing. Backflushing can be triggered by time, differential pressure or manually and the controller is made specifically for the unit. The backflush function is truly unique. The discs are normally held in place with spring tension.

During backflush the springs allow the stacked discs to separate removing resistance to backflush and completing a cycle in a mere fraction of the time and with a fraction of the water used in other backflushable systems. Discs are available from 200 to 20 microns are color coded for easy identification and can be changed or replaced when worn, without tools. If you believe you may have an application, ask your JBS Rep to help schedule Miller Leaman's pilot trailer for a test at your facility. The backflush function is truly unique. The discs are normally held in place with spring tension
Filtration Disk

The unit is self contained and self powered and can process water from an onboard dirty tank or from your tank of 150 gallons or larger in volume. The clear lexan covers are for demonstration purposes to actually see the operation. Standard systems are provided with black polymer or stainless steel sumps. Take an opportunity to see in real life and real time what the benefits of Turbo Disc Technology can do for your process. Just a few potential applications are:

  • Mechanical Seal Protection
  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Food / Dairy Processing
  • Vehicle Washing Systems
  • Power Plants
  • Pulp & Paper

Turbo Disc Three Pod – Demonstration Trailer

New Product Spotlight – Haight Pumps

For 27 years we have provided the highest quality filtration equipment and vacuum pumps; that tradition continues with our newest product line: Haight Pumps. Haight manufactures Heavy duty; internal and external rotary gear, positive displacement, and mag drive pumps. For over 70 years Haight has been building these high quality pumps in a variety of materials of construction and connection configurations. These pumps are rugged and self priming. The Haight advantage: Haight pumps feature an inner driving gear coupled to a hydraulically balanced free floating outer gear on a dramatically shortened shaft arrangement.

  • Thrust bearing adjustment is eliminated since the gears are precisely positioned without the need for field adjustment.
  • Gears rotate on a shaft that is fully supported at both ends by lubricated and vented bearings eliminating deflection which causes wear.
  • Pinion and rotor gears are hydraulically balanced by pumping fluid eliminating pistoning into the casing and cover.
  • Dual paths of fluid entry to the gears (rather than one) allows Haight pumps to generate full rated displacement while close-coupled at standard motor speeds, without gear reducers at viscosities up to 10,000 SSU. This eliminated misalignment and significantly reduces costs.
  • All rotating components are accessible beneath the front cover making routine cleaning and service faster and simpler.
  • Lower rotor tip speeds result in reduced noise levels.

If you have any of the following issues Haight Pumps has a solution for you:

High Temperatures, Possible solidification of the fluid at ambient temperatures, Contaminated fluids, Poor suction conditions, Intermittent remote operation, Severe usage, and Difficult operating environments. Give your JBS Rep a call to help you with your pump application.

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