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Our most popular model in the vacuum distillation series is our Vacuum Dehydration & Distillation System- the JB 300. The JB 300 is for reservoirs of less than 2,000 gallons. Low vacuum of 26 HG is pulled on the process oil while heated and filtered. Water removal rates of more than 3 gallons per hour can be achieved with this Vacuum Dehydration & Distillation System in many applications and total water can be reduced to less than 100 PPM. . Standard features of the JB 300 Vacuum Dehydration System include Variable Speed Drive controller, inlet solenoid shut off safety, foam control, wing-nut closures, liquid ring vacuum pump, DP and pressure gauges on post filter vessel, interior and exterior epoxy paint, inlet/outlet hoses, and ball valves on all ports & alarm strobe lights for low vacuum, filter change, and high temperature.

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