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Waste Water Elimination - Process Water Re-Use Recovery

Solvent Recovery ProductsProcess water re-use/recovery products allow companies to reclaim liquids saving waste and helping the environment. At JB Systems we know that you can't afford to overlook the cost savings in waste water re-use and recovery. Skimmers can help clean a waste water stream, remove contaminants from coolants and wash water, or recover a valuable or reusable product. These skimmers can collect any free-floating oils, including petroleum, animal, vegetable and mineral oils. Mop skimmers and disc skimmers are available for compact to high volume capacities. We also have a full line of spill control products. Backwash systems used for industrial laundry wastewater, textile wastewater, wire drawing compounds and oils are available in sizes up to 200 gallons per minute.

Amisorb Blue and Gray - AMI

Amisorb White and Yellow - AMI

Backflushable Systems - Amiad, Tekleen, ACME

Cartridges - POREX

Endless Media Filters - Clearstream Filters Inc.

Filter Elements - AES

Gravity Strainers - AES
Inline filters / Gravity Strainers - AES

Liquid / Oil / Water Separators - Enquip

Media Filters - AES

Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis - Trisep catalog, SpiraSep brochure, TS80 brochure, X-20 brochure, TurboClean brochure, Spectrum brochure, Chemical brochure

Process Filtration - POREX, MOTT

Skimmers - Crucial
SMS Screen Filters - Everfilt

Spill Control Products - AMI

Spill Response Kits - AMI

STAK Fiters - Everfilt

STS Turbo - Everfilt

Systems - Everfilt, MOTT

Waste Units - Infinitex

Water Particulate Removal - Everfilt

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