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Beach Compressed Air Filters - T-Line Filters, In Line Filters and Specialty Filters

Beach compressed air filters is the clear choice in Filtration for Compressed Air and Gas for Over 50 Years

Independent laboratory tests have shown that Beach Compressed Air and Gas Filters including T-Line Filters, In Line Filters and Specialty Filters with standard Cylform desiccant are twice as effective at removing oil and oil vapor. Cylform elements with silica gel desiccant are better, 2 to 1, in removing moisture versus one of the industries major coalescing air filters. New technology makes it possible for all Beach Air Filters to remove particulates down to 0.3 microns. Cylform elements are also 2 to 3 times more effective in removing synthetic oils from the air stream. Highly efficient Beach compressed air filters, T-Filters, Inline and Specialty Filters are required to remove oil, oil vapors, water and particulate left in the air or picked up in the airline. Installed at or near the point-of-use, no additional filters are required downstream of a Beach T-Line, In Line or Specialty Filter.

Beach has been manufacturing compressed air filters for these and thousands of other uses for over 50 years. Point-of-use filters by Beach range from 5 to 1200 scfm at 150 to 250 psi in a variety of plastics, metals and desiccants to meet the most exacting filtration needs.

The presence of oil/oil vapors and water at the point-of-use is ordinarily evidenced by the liquid in the bowl of trap having a milky appearance which is an emulsion of oil and water. These contaminants are damaging to such sensitive equipment as instruments, pneumatic controls and hundreds of other industrial plant processes. The following are typical point-of-use applications for Beach Filters:

Compressed Air Filters and Cartridges

Beach T-Line Filters

The triple action advantage combines three filtration processes:

Cutaway of T-Line Filter

The Beach T-Line filter models F-T20C, F-T40C, and F-T60C are high tech 3 stage filters for compressed air and gases form 20 to 60 scfm. These unique Beach filters remove:

Unique Outstanding Features of Beach T-Line Filters

All Beach Polyclear II Filters have excellent resistance to synthetic oils, hydrocarbons, solvents, caustics and other chemicals as well as:

In Line Filters

The In-line filters are a basic in-line design with proven performance and filter media flexibility. These units are constructed of polyurethane coated aluminum, have 2 replaceable elements, and can be purchased with an *acrylic tube (C Models), or aluminum with sight glass tube (AW Models) for ease of inspection, or closed aluminum tube (AL Models) to suit the desired application.

The In-Line filter models F-65, F-125, F-300 and F-600 are efficient point-of-use desiccant type filters for compressed air and gases rated from 20 to 200 scfm at 100 psig.

All filters have two Beach patented Cylform® elements that remove:

Cutaway of T-Line Filter

Replacement Elements

“The Cylform® replaceable element used in both Beach In-line and T-line filter housings is a desiccant-filled seamless tube of polyester fabric with filtration end caps of non-woven polyester, plus an extra particulate filtration pad sewn in the top. The patented design of the Cylform® element eliminates channeling with minimum pressure drop.

Patented Beach Cylform® elements are available in a variety of desiccants:

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